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Picasa 3.9
Picasa is exactly the kind of software you'll want your photo-searching-yet-never-finding grandparents to have. Picasa is also exactly the kind of software you'll want for yourselves to create a spectacular collage portraying the entire family. Such a collage will get at least a standing ovation for its magnificent design while only you, your PC and your mouse will know that Picasa did most of the job for you.
Picasa's first run might take several hours, resulting in your being able to see every single photo on your PC (including, unfortunately, some not so interesting photos you've downloaded from an unsuspecting website to create that presentation you've already forgotten about), using a simple and easy to use interface. The ability to upload your photos onto Google+ and quickly share them is both a quick way to share photos online and a recommended photos backup method.
Picasa is not a substitute for a photo editing software as even simpler tools like IrfanView and certainly Photoshop offer a greater assortment of editing tools. However, for the novice user asking himself 'How do I get rid of that red eye effect?' or, 'How do I rotate the picture instead of bending my neck which will only go so far?' Picasa offers a good enough solution.

Software Review

Google Picasa enables you to easily and efficiently find, edit and share the entire photo collection on your PC. Picasa locates every single photo on your PC (including photos you may have completely forgotten you had) and organizes them into dated albums.
You can easily rearrange and edit photos within albums using your mouse and Picasa will take care of the rest as it will keep your photos constantly organized and easy to find. On top of that Picasa includes advanced editing and special effects options with a single mouse click.
With Picasa you'll be able to easily email, print, share and upload your photos.


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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
Description Download pictures from the Internet to your PC A classic digital image processing software program The fine art of graphic editing An enjoyable way to find, arrange and edit photos
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Price $ 29.95 $ 0 $ 999 $ 0
File Size 1.86 Mb 1.79 Mb 1600.00 Mb 20.00 Mb

Astro says:
  • Easy and efficient user interface
  • Great photo viewing capabilities
  • Photo sharing via email, blog or Picasa albums
  • Not our photo editing software first choice
  • Face recognition requires a continuous and arduous process

Product Details

Rating: 6 (Users995)
Ranking in Graphic Design: 3
Recently rated on:
License: Free
File size: 7.00 Mb
Version: 3.9
Last updated: 22/3/2012
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003
Languages: Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, Chinese, French
Developer: Google Inc.
Download count (English): 38,727
Download count (Worldwide): 145,229

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